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Shameless John McCain



Americans elected Donald Trump their president last November. Not John McCain. Not squeaky Lindsey Graham.

Arizonans elected McCain to represent their interests in the senate. I don’t know why. However, that should constrain McCain from his hyperbolic antics and speech-making. It doesn’t. McCain believes he has some kind of mandate to thwart the reasons Americans elected Trump: to stem the flow of illegal immigration; to stem the flow of Muslim terrorists into the United States; to win the war on terror against ISIL; to help create millions of more jobs by relocating factories back to the U.S. or by helping to build new ones here; to take care of our vets; to repeal and replace Obamacare; to lower taxes; to rebuild and strengthen our military; to help restore law and order nationwide.

McCain isn’t a maverick; he’s a deep-rooted, toxic weed hellbent on strengthening the establishment and weakening Americans and our Constitution. I’d call him a shameless political whore, but that would be incorrect; McCain is a stout narcissist who only finds a worthy cause when he looks into a mirror.

The Arizona senator’s power grab will impede the will of American voters, but my recommendation is that President Trump smack down him and establishment sock puppet Lindsey Graham as quickly as possible, relegating them to meaninglessness. They do not speak for Republicans any more. They do not speak for conservatives. They do not speak for Constitutionalists. They do not speak for Americans.

McCain and Graham speak only for themselves and their cherished establishment, and stridently so, and it’s time to begin to nullify them. McCain’s resume is littered with failure. Was McCain able to win the presidency in 2008? No. Loser. Was he able to enact serious, significant campaign reform? No. Loser. Did he strengthen the U.S. Military his last eight years in the senate? No. Loser. Did he enact or enforce legislation to protect Americans from terrorism? No. Loser. Did he help to balance the budget at all? No. Loser. Did he stop the national debt from increasing by trillions of dollars the last eight years? No. Loser. Did he cut taxes for the middle class? No. Loser. Did he stop the enactment of Obamacare? No. Loser. As a member of the Armed Services Committee, did he prevent huge cost overruns on the F-22 and the F-35 programs, among others? No. Loser. Did he save or create jobs? No. Loser.

Why would such a loser want to pick a fight with a winner like Trump? Call it political penis envy. Old man McCain wants to call the shots, but he’s worried because someone with real success credentials has been voted onto the scene and placed into his sandbox, and McCain will be damned – let’s hope not – if he is going to let someone else call the shots, even though he laid down for Obama all these years.

If you want to accomplish something, don’t bring John McCain and whiny sock puppet Lindsey Graham along. Don’t even try. They won’t cooperate unless they can plunge their mouth-holes into the special interest trough and gobble away like a couple of porkers!

Let McCain try to thwart Trump. Mr. President, we elected you and your ideas and your plans, not loser McCain’s. If he won’t help, cast him aside and work with other, smarter people who want to make this country safe, who stand for America First and not for globalism, who place the interests of American citizens and their culture and their Constitution first and not the interests of illegal aliens and refugee terrorists and strange, violent religious beliefs.

I am so sick of the moralizing social engineers in this country, the people like McCain and Obama who think they get to decide how Americans are going to be shaped and dictated to and who spit on the elections results, our American election results! Get out and go somewhere else!


The Quisling Sabotage of the Cloud People


If a citizen were to type into the DuckDuckgo search engine field a term like “Republican Quislings”, a number of opinion pieces would pop up. For many of the writers of those pieces, the quislings are the Republicans and conservatives who support Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. People like George “self” Will, Bill “the crank” Kristol, and Rich Lowry of the petulant National Review, share a belief that Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency should be sabotaged at any cost.

In my opinion, Lowry in particular is a lowlife bastard who played a role in Andrea Tantaros’ disappearance from Fox News, all because she disagreed with him. He isn’t worthy to lick the dust off her high heels!

I don’t watch Fox News any more – any of the program hosts. Gretchen Carlson’s departure has only added fuel to my fire, and I believe there is merit to her allegations of sexual harassment by Roger Ailes, the Fox News chief executive. Yes, I enjoy seeing beautiful, intelligent women offering news and commentary, but they should not be harassed, nor should they be treated with less respect than their male counterparts.

I don’t find Bill O’ Reilly more credible than Andrea Tantaros. Quite the opposite: O’Reilly’s pomposity often gets in the way of any intelligent give and take, whereas Tantaros provides fresh and poignant insights. Carlson reeks of integrity, and while I disagree with her position on guns, she should be able to proffer her take on policy. Fox’s lockstep approach to discussion renders it little more than a network of faux issues and commentary.

Fox makes me sick even though I tend to agree with their commentators on many issues. Then again, most of the news networks are pretty biased.

The point of all this is that the people behind “Stop Trump“, whether officially or unofficially so, have lost what I will call their “Americanness” and in the process have betrayed their party.

These quislings have perverted the Declaration and the Constitution and abandoned the welfare of the common American for confabulated hoity toity principles like “free trade” (which isn’t free – it costs Americans jobs!) which serve only the few, the cloud people, the monied interests who don’t seem  much affected by whether a Republican or Democrat gets elected. They buy legislators who craft laws that benefit them and their continued security and domination in finance, forcing citizens to borrow through loans or credit, and making exorbitant profits off the debt of their “fellow citizens.”

And they have the gall to cry “foul” whenever a socialist policy is offered! They pay a little more in tax and whine and take their money and their companies overseas, even though they are making money hand over fist and enjoy reserves of money larger than ever! While the average American must fight a lifelong war with debt, the cloud people complain that they cannot make as much profit as they demand! They can only make $9 billion a year instead of $10 billion!

What America’s financial Fuehrers leave out is that what they pay in tax, proportionally, does not even come close to comparing to what the average American pays in interest, over the course of a year, over the course of a debt, over the course of a lifetime!

If interest rates were not low now because of various weak economic factors, someone who bought a home for $200,000 would, in the end, pay $600,000 for it. In other words, over the course of 30 years one would pay twice as much in interest as the cost of the home itself! You get to enjoy 30 years of financial servitude. Yay!

So now Donald Trump is calling out these anti-American bastards, not on everything, mind you, but they fear that he will rain on their selfish party. He wants to bring manufacturing back to the United States and jobs to Americans, something the quisling cloud people don’t want! In fact, they will tell us over and over again that it cannot be done! They will scream it and say that we must get used to the way things are now.

And because Donald Trump will rip their faux world apart, they want to stop him. Stop him and crush him. They even are willing to put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. After years of telling us how evil she was, they are willing (just look at the traitorous Koch brothers, for example) to support her presidential bid, de facto if not de jure.

Why? Why would any so-called Republican or conservative do that?

The reason is: they don’t care about the Republic. They care about their own selfishness. They care about their own money. They care about their financial liberty and about your financial servitude. Hillary will not interfere with them. She has her own self-enrichment going on, so they are, tacitly, for her.

They are lying, selfish, greedy bastards who want everything for themselves and financial slavery for you. Work! Work! Work your whole life to pay off the money you owe them for your house, your car, your schooling, your privilege of existence! They own you!

It’s hilarious!

They preach liberty, but they mean their own liberty, not yours. And they cover it all with the golden mantles of “freedom” and “free market” and “America” and “opportunity” to get you thirsting and craving for a piece of the pie, knowing full well that only a small percentage will ever make any kind of transition in such a controlled economy.

The quisling Republicans and conservatives will fill you with pap, a kind of material spiritism, to tell you that “market forces” are creating our economic situation.

Bullshit! They are creating the “market forces”. It’s time for a new conservatism and a new Republican Party!

Donald Trump is the first person in a very, very long time to come along and identify the corruption and the riggedness of the system, political and economic.

Wittingly or not, Trump has been peeling away the layers of bullshit, and the quislings like Will and Kristol and Lowry and the anti-feminine assclowns at Fox News and the Koch brothers don’t like being naked and exposed. It endangers their power, their iron grip on America and on American lives!

Like old, withering men, they will not stand to have their power and control threatened. They will betray what America is really about, including the Republican Party, and even destroy that party so they can sabotage Trump’s candidacy and remain the country’s financial Fuerhers!

Astounding Media Debate Bias


Whichever way citizens decide to vote in the Republican presidential primary, they should be aware of the astounding media bias during the campaign.

For instance, though Mitt Romney isn’t a candidate this year, every network broadcast his broadside at Donald Trump. Worse, as the various hosts interviewed guests to analyze the significance of Romney’s remarks, they loaded up guests who would be favorable to his comments while having no one or perhaps one person who might be favorable to Trump. I flipped between CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. It was astounding.

One network had a former Romney campaign staffer, a current or former Cruz campaign staffer, and a current or former Rubio campaign staffer. That’s loading the “analysis.” Objectively, did anyone think those three were going to disagree with each other, at least openly. They were all going to find agreement in a positive analysis of Romney’s remarks and a negative analysis of Trump and his campaign!

Why would any of the networks bring on air current or former members of Romney’s, Rubio’s, and Cruz’s campaigns to analyze the significance of Romney’s comments? And why would they pit three, say, against a lone Trump staffer or supporter? It gives the impression that most voters and citizens are against Trump. In other words, the presentation confirms the very message Romney, who is no truth-teller himself, spouted.

The real reason the networks did it was because it represented the establishment cartel to whom they are either beholden to or from which they want to curry favor (interviews, etc.).

That is media bias. That’s what makes people sick and drives them to any candidate not tied to the establishment and the media machine.

Let’s look at another example. Ask yourself why no other candidate received tough questions besides Trump, including questions that involved dishonesty or fraud.

John Kasich comes across as “the adult in the room” (a trite, sickening, self-congratulating phrase) because he never gets challenged. Why didn’t the Fox “News” moderators (or any of the moderators from previous debates) ask him, “If you are as good and successful as you say you have been as governor, why are you trailing in every poll taken of your state?” If Kasich has governed as well as he says he has, in Ohio, there should be little of the anger that pundits say drives voters to Trump and overwhelming support for him. Why isn’t that the case? And any non sequitur explanatiion like, “as soon as we get our message out, voters will come around” needs to be trashed immediately. Ohio voters should know Kasich’s message by heart by now.

Why did none of the “moderators” ask any questions about Marco Rubio’s sale of his house to a lobbyist at an inflated amount, the Marco Rubio who is wading in debt? It’s a fair question and one for which the audiences live and at home deserve to hear the explanation. It was something that happened and was settled in the past, unlike the repeated accusations of a lawsuit against Trump University which has NOT been adjudicated.

Why didn’t the moderators ask any questions about Marco Rubio’s use of a Florida Republican Party credit card to make personal purchases of goods and services, some of which were reportedly salacious?

As much as Donald Trump gets questioned and ripped about his brash style, why haven’t moderators asked and pressed Ted Cruz about his failure to get along with his senate colleagues? Why haven’t they brushed aside his contention that he is the one who stands on principle, like some fairy tale white knight, and press him whether he is saying that his colleagues aren’t principled or whether it is possible that he is, despite his allegedly pure ideology, a disagreeable, difficult person with which to get along? Fox has used John McCain against Trump but why not with Cruz, against whom McCain has spoken strongly? Why have not the moderators asked him whether his campaign behavior constitutes a compromise of his alleged evangelical beliefs: his taunting, condescending, evasive, calumniating, apparently dishonest behavior and campaign tactics?

The moderators totally let Rubio pass on his use of vulgar humor and the violation of Catholic teaching and scriptural exhortation it represents. We all get the sense that Trump owns at best a relaxed faith; Cruz and Rubio, however, have boasted about its centrality to their lives, their “core”. No one has called them to account for their unpresidential misbehavior.

As much fuss as news organizations have allowed the other candidates to make about two alleged instances of Trump’s hiring practices, one from 40 years ago, why haven’t they pressed Cruz and Rubio on their support for not only the H-1B visas that have savaged American high tech workers and their families but for increases in the allowable numbers of those visas?

Supposedly the news outlets want the candidates to discuss policy, but in fact the news networks shy away from serious policy discussions when it depreciates the standing of certain candidates.

You can vote for anyone you want, but at least be honest with yourself. Why is Trump the only one of whom extensive policy details are demanded?

How is Cruz’s flat tax going to balance the budget? What’s the rate going to be? Please don’t refer me to his website! If he knows his policy proposals, just tell us right there during the debate! What is he, or Rubio, going to cut to balance the budget? If memory serves me correctly, Cruz said almost the same thing that Trump did: he was going to get rid of the IRS and other government agencies, but no one said to him what they said to Trump. No one said, “That doesn’t add up to enough to make up for the more than $500 billion dollar yearly budget deficit.” Why didn’t they tell and ask Cruz or Rubio, “That doesn’t add up. What else are you going to do?”

Though they are legislators and experienced politicians, Cruz and Rubio were just as general in the debate as Trump but no “journalist” demanded the same details of them as they did of Trump, and none pressed them for more details!

Trump, though he has historically and contemporarily disavowed David Duke and white supremacy, was repeatedly harassed and asked a question he had answered about an endorsement he had not sought and did not publicize. It was a complete red herring. News organizations ran headlines that claimed he hadn’t answered the question, though they either knew he had or failed to do their research, then claimed he stumbled through the process before finally answering, when in fact he had done so a dozen times or more!

Here’s the even deeper issue: no other candidate has been asked or pressed with the same intensity about any race question. All the race-related events that have occurred the past two years and no debate moderator has grilled any other Republican candidate about any substantive racial issue. On top of which Cruz and Rubio love to tell everyone how they are real Republicans and conservatives, and supposedly those real Republicans and conservatives have longed to expand into a “big tent” that many, diverse people can come to and sit under. Isn’t that pretty important to get elected? Yet nothing.

It’s a farce, and it’s dishonest! Some would argue that the GOP doesn’t care about race relations. That’s because the Republican establishment cartel doesn’t care, and they control, or try to control, the questions.

There is so much more to say. I will be rewatching the debate thoroughly to pass on to you detailed examples of what I wrote last night/earlier this morning. I am just going to leave you with this last example from this Friday morning’s Morning Joe, which had on a guest named Mary Kissell, a member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal.

I am sure Kissell is quite intelligent, but that doesn’t mean she makes sense or that she can see her own deep bias as a member of the establishment community (she has worked at Goldman Sachs; how do you think that affects her positions and punditry?).

Kissell spat her usual diatribes against Trump and turned a blind eye toward Cruz and Rubio. But here is the real nugget: Kissell thought Trump would be stopped in Florida despite his nearly 20 point lead in the polls because the good guys, the Republican establishment cartel, now apparently led by loser Mitt Romney, and all its billionaires were going to get together, open their wallets to the anti-Trump Super PACs, and bombard Florida with advertisements.

How was that savage, billionaire-fueled advertising bombardment going to change the Florida result in favor of inexperienced Marco Rubio?

Kissell said the ads would “educate” the Florida voters.

Wow! Since when do ads “educate”? Her use of that euphemism is astonishing and so 1984ish. Since when do Florida voters need to be educated? Does she think they are hollow-heads waiting for her or the cartel to fill their heads with truth? What does “educate” mean?

It means the Republican establishment cartel, of which Kissell is part and parcel, will slickly bomb your eyes and ears with relentless anti-Trump messages until you vote the way they want you to vote, until you vote their way just to make the bombardment go away.

Like a wartime resistance movement, you can thwart the fascists. Tune your TV or radio to a different channel if you have to, or turn them off, or endure the barrage, retreating to the bunker of your mind, protecting your secret vote until it’s time for the mission. Then emerge stealthily, go to your polling place, and cast your vote for Trump.

Your vote is like a hand grenade that destroys a cadre of jackbooted establishment gestapo and liberates us from the tyranny of establishment candidates who live off the public trough, promising everything, but never working together to get anything done, when they are even present to vote. They are too busy being bedded by special interests.

You are the wartime resistance. Protect your secret vote. Carry out the mission to cast your vote peacefully for Donald Trump. Stun and defeat the establishment cartel and their lackeys!

Establishment Weasels Out in Force


Oh, how the weasels and hyenas emerge from the woodwork! The elitists of the Republican Party and their thugs, panicking that they are losing their power, are propping up everyone and everything they can in a desperate, eye-popping effort to stop the man who threatens their rule and their money-mongering: Donald Trump.

I have to interrupt my thoughts a second as I listen to bullshitter Ryan Williams, a campaign lackey for Mitt Romney in 2012, on CNN. As others have, Williams just lied. He and the other thugs like to say that “65% of the people voted against Donald Trump”.

That’s a lie, and Williams is a liar.

Let me repeat that: That’s a lie, and Williams is a liar. So are the other thugs who have uttered that statement, that product of dissembling.

Sixty-five percent of those who voted in the Republican presidential primaries to date voted for other candidates. They supported other candidates. That is true. But Williams has no idea why each and every one of them voted for the candidate they did. Some may have done so simply to spite another candidate: possibly Trump, possibly Cruz, possibly Rubio, possibly Kasich, possibly Carson. Or maybe the vote was cast by a Democrat who voted for the person he thought would be the weakest against the Democratic nominee. Myriad reasons exist, and Williams does not know but even a tiny sample of why they did.

Similarly, The 75 or 85 or 90 percent of voters who did not vote for Republican establishment cartel candidate Marco Boobio didn’t vote against him, or against Cruz, etc. It is utterly false to say that, not to mention illogical and thus irrational.

That proves the thuggery of the loan shark-like front men for the Republican establishment cartel. They are the kind of guys who walk into your business and sell you “protection” because you need to understand the neighborhood and your right to make money aren’t yours, it’s theirs. Just like the Republican Party isn’t yours. It’s THEIRS. So vote for the right guy, or they will block Trump at the convention, create havoc, and stick in THEIR guy.

You just gotta understand, right?

Or you can fight back. You can give Romney and Williams and the so-called “national security experts” I am about to get to the middle finger salute, then vote for Trump.

You see, a vote for Trump is becoming so much more than a vote for Trump, or a vote for job creation, or a vote for economic power, or a vote for following the law, or a vote for keeping illegal aliens and terrorists out of the country. It’s becoming a vote for liberty and for YOUR power, the kind of power the Founding Fathers envisioned in the Declaration and the Constitution. It’s called “the consent of the governed.”

The Republicans, the so-called “constitutionalists”, don’t want to run their party that way. They want you to vote the right way, and if you don’t, they will take over the convention and correct your error. That’s what BIG BROTHERS do.

So CNN reported this evening that some “national security experts” came out with a letter against Trump. Let’s take a deeper look at these “experts” and whether or not they are giving us their expertise or whether or not they are protecting their special interests.

One signer of the letter against Trump was Michael Chertoff, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. In fairness, Chertoff has taken some stands I like. He’s taken others I don’t. Though he opposed illegal immigration, the cleaning firm he hired for his home employed illegal immigrants. He also seems to have given great weight to the effect of climate change on security here and abroad.

Most worrisome is that Chertoff heads a firm called the Chertoff Group, stocked with former government agency people taking their service and profiting off it. Isn’t that what Mitt Romney called “crony capitalism”, of which he accused Hillary Clinton. Oh, it’s legal, is it? So that makes it right?

Another signer is Mary Beth Long. Long is a former assistant secretary of defense who founded one of the fastest growing military defense contractor firms in the country, Meltis Solutions. Do you think she has benefited from her “public service”? Do you think she has a stake in this fight?

Another signer is Robert Zoellick. “Expert” Zoellick not only has served in several government positions, he has been a managing director at Goldman Sachs, advocated for the Iraq War, pushed for “free trade”, in other words sending jobs overseas, and he has pushed to force the European Union to accept genetically modified foods, like, you know, the seeds that you have to buy every year because the manufacturer, I believe Monsanto, deliberately engineered them to die after one year of use. It’s called a money stream. Create an artificial situation and contrive restrictions that force consumers to buy from you.

Nothing free about that, eh?

Those folks are a sample of the “experts”. What they are experts on is blinding the public to their real motivation. All these people are part of the stale, black widow web of special interests whose sole goal is to profiteer and keep their profiteering going. The weasels and hyenas get a special twinge of pleasure when they convince voters of their false righteousness using their sophistry, getting the voters to do exactly what they want, something that would actually hurt the voters.

Hold the weasels and hyenas accountable. Show them you see exactly what they are doing. Frustrate their greed. Change America for the better. Make America better for yourself and your family and friends. Vote for Trump!

A Defense of Trump and His Supporters with an Attack on National Review


Conservative magazine National Review marketed a special issue today devoted to the destruction of Donald Trump’s campaign to win the Republican nomination for president. The issue’s cover features ornate, three dimensional appearance, gold lettering in relief that proclaims “Against Trump”. The lettering sits on a royal purple background underneath a cluster of golden leaves and blooms. The magazine amassed the cogitations of 22 conservative purists who denounced Trump as a faux conservative who would destroy conservatism, the Republican Party, and these United States.

The issue “hit” news stands today and was previewed yesterday by news outlets like CNN and Fox News. One source described National Review’s circulation as limited and has having fallen since 2010.

As volcanoes vomit lava, so the editors and the contributors enlisted to pen essays for the magazine spewed sulfur from their bellies at Trump and anyone who supports his candidacy.

During an interview Friday morning with Martha MacCallum on Fox News’s America’s Newsroom, conservative L. Brent Bozell called Trump a “shameless self-promoter and huckster.”

The Editors described Trump as “a menace to American conservatism who would take the work of generations and trample it underfoot on behalf of a populism as heedless and crude as the Donald himself.”

Mona Charen lists a litany of sins that cry to conservative heaven for vengeance and asks “whether [Trump’s] recent impersonation of a conservative is just another role he’s playing.”

Their answer to the question of who should be the Republican nominee for president is, by and large, Ted Cruz; yes, that Ted Cruz, the gargoyle of gridlock that his Republican colleagues hate.

Within the criticisms one can detect hypocrisy, snobbery, and a destitution of pragmatism.

As a voter, I don’t care about strict ideology. I tend to be conservative, socially and fiscally, but I want policies that will achieve efficiency, profitability, and strength. I am not against all social programs. I want to take home as much of my check as I can, but I can support some programs if they achieve a civic benefit and am willing to be taxed for them. And I understand that there are many Americans who disagree with me, so I cannot in good conscience say my ideology always owns the answer for every challenge. Compromise is necessary, not as an evil, but as a good, a give and take that makes allowances for everyone and achieves vital goals. The last seven years we have seen what a failure to compromise reaps: virtually nothing. The gridlock that Cruz and these conservative purists stand for will keep us chained, enslaved to polarity.

American government should work for Americans and their benefit. “Free trade”, which benefits a few investors and robs Americans of jobs, isn’t free. It costs workers tons. It costs them their livelihoods, their ability to feed and shelter their wives and kids, their self-esteem, and the respect of those who don’t suffer as they do. They are our neighbors, our fellow citizens, not objects on a philosophical landscape. Yet greed stylized as a “principle” insists that investors make a few cents more on a share of stock in a year, even if it means several hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of their fellow citizens lose their $30- or $40,000 a year livelihood!

No “conservative principle” nor “liberal principle” should dictate how a president or congressman governs, but rather a constitutional pragmatism. The Constitution does not call for the employment and application of “conservative principles” or “liberal principles”. It calls for the formation of a more perfect Union, the establishment of Justice, the insurance of domestic Tranquility, provision for the common defense, the promotion of the general Welfare, and the securing of the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and to our Posterity. The government should make these their goals to accomplish, honoring and promoting the rights of the people, collectively and individually, along the way.

Because they enjoy the right to speak and write freely, the Sanhedrin of conservative purity may say what it wants. We do not have to give it permission to define conservatism for us nor to accept any of the principles upon which it insists for good government.

When it makes claims, however, the soundness of those claims should pass muster with our Reason. Let’s examine a few bits.

Bozell claims Trump is a shameless self-promoter and huckster. One fails to see how that designation does not apply to any candidate in the race for the presidency. Each and every one of them is promoting themselves. They always spotlight what they have done or said that achieved good or constancy while turning the lights off on the bad or inconstancy they achieved. Their self-promotion includes the derogation of those who are running against them. They aggressively sell themselves and do so by ridiculing their opponents, all hyperbolically.

Bozell’s claim has little more than its colorful wording.

Similarly, the Editors’ claim that Trump is trampling underfoot conservatism and its works with a crude, heedless populism belies the fact that the people who comprise that populism are thoroughly disgusted with the political establishment and the ideological purists who haunt it. Actually, it is the conservative and the liberal ideologues, stuck in a perpetual tug of war based on their ideas instead of the people, who have given birth to the populism the National Review finds so threatening. Ideology in Washington has bred inefficiency because of its tolerance for polarity and its intolerance for compromise, despite the fact that statistics show the country split into thirds.

From what I can see on the web, the percentage of Americans who identify as conservatives runs between 35 and 40%. The percentage of Americans who identify as moderates runs about 35%. The percentage of Americans who identify as liberals runs between 20 and 25%. Presumably, those left over do not identify with any ideology.

Those are generalities. People likely shift their ideological identification based on the issue presented to them, and their concerns are likely pragmatic. How many governing conservatives decry welfare but want states to offer businesses incentives to relocate there, a form of corporate welfare, and a slap in the face to businesses already there? Don’t “right-to-work” laws diminish the free market by crippling a worker’s ability to compete? Aren’t workers a part of the supply and demand equation? How many conservatives are fiscally so but socially not and stand with the pro-abortionists, even though faith and science declare that life begins at conception and the Declaration lists the order of predominance as “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”?

Liberal ideologues are no better, and while many have led the fight to prevent “legislating morality”, they engage in it themselves, crafting “hate” laws and compelling people to pay for other peoples’ insurance and thrusting gay marriage on a nation through endless nagging and condemnation. It’s laughable until it becomes murderous: Hillary boasts of her defense of women, yet her support for the legalized murder of the unborn has exterminated the lives of millions of women!

Where were conservative purists when illegal aliens began crossing the border to satisfy their needs and the greed of Big Agriculture for cheap, sometimes slave, labor? Now they want to expel the illegals and offer no pathway to citizenship, after winking and looking the other way for decades!?

I suppose somewhere sometime a conservative columnist or two may have raised the issue over illegal immigration in what they wrote, but what did conservative purists do?

Nothing! If only they had made as big a stink back then as they are now about Trump! It’s easy to denounce another. Why don’t you denounce yourselves for your failures, conservative purists!?

The answer is simple: Everyone compromises. You can throw ideological purity out the window like dirty water or three-days old coffee. That’s where it belongs, just like the condemnation of Trump!

It’s time to be constitutional. It’s time to be pragmatic. It’s time to get things done. Let Trump’s desire to win, his respect for the common citizen, his ability to negotiate, and his efficiency, productivity, and profitability work for us and our country.

The “purists” have had their chances the last seven years and failed miserably. Let them sit in their plush leather chairs on thickly carpeted floors behind closed doors to sip cognac, puff on cigars, and fume about the lack of ideological purity amid the smoky wisps.

Keep them there!

Sex Sells, Except When It’s Thrust Against the Donald!


The sneaky Republican establishment cabal planted their most recent attacker in front of the media cameras and microphones Wednesday night. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley delivered the Republican rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s 2016 State of the Union message.

Her job was not the usual one, though. She followed a surreptitious directive to talk as much smack, if not more, against Donald Trump as against Republican arch-foe and high priest of liberalism Obama. The cabal’s strategy was to fashion a different instrument to convey its message, one with tons of sex appeal and a wispy voice to whisper sweet negatives into the ears of American voters. Sex sells, its members no doubt thought, so a young, attractive, relatively unknown but compliant political woman, the daughter of legal immigrants from India – with a carrot of the vice-presidency bobbing nearby – might accomplish with her charms what other candidates and cooperating media had not been able to do to the Donald with all their huff and puff: knife his candidacy in the back to be done with it!

Don’t be too quick to charge me with sexism nor to stifle my free thinking with any censorious indignation. Read Haley’s words:

During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices,” she said in a tone fit for a library. “We must resist that temptation.”

Wow! In one sentence she called Trump an angry witch, or maybe a word that rhymes with witch and begins with a “b”. Seductive sea nymphs earned the name “siren” when they called out from their islands and beguiled sailors into shipwrecks with their beautiful, haunting songs.

So let’s see. Building a wall to throttle illegal immigration will shipwreck America? Bringing manufacturing and other jobs back to the U.S. will shipwreck America? Protecting the right to gun ownership, self-defense, and revolution by standing firm on the Second Amendment will shipwreck America? Taking care of our veterans will shipwreck America? Building up our military muscle to regain our position as the indisputable No. 1 military power that destroys ISIS, and that defends our freedom and the rest of the world’s will shipwreck America? Temporarily banning Muslims – the ideological group that spawns the bloodthirsty jihadis – until we can establish effective vetting procedures that will help to keep all our citizens safe will shipwreck America?

Did Haley lock her intellect in a safe deposit box before she stepped in front of the cameras?

I do not doubt that Haley can be a competent politician. When one places oneself in a position beholden to the Republican establishment cabal, however, one compromises one’s intellect. She uninhibitedly proffered a few more reasoning blunders.

First, she suggested that being angry is bad. Funny, the Bible says to be angry but not to sin. She doesn’t get to devalue anger with a label of inappropriateness. It isn’t her job to instruct voters how to feel. Rather, she should represent the feelings of the voters. Candidates who sympathize with or share voters’ anger are doing their jobs.

Second, if the voters are angry, the causes of their anger should be the focus of Haley’s attention and care. She does not have to support every proposed remedy nor every part of every proposed remedy; she should support the feelings voters have for the issues that disturb them and be working industriously to fix those issues. Her babysitter rhetoric, talking down to voters and belittling candidates who are trying to find national and international solutions, doesn’t fit and doesn’t work. I submit to you that Haley herself does not know which proposed remedy proffered by the candidates will make Americans the safest.

Thus, third, Haley alienated Republican voters with her disrespectful rhetoric just to take an establishment swipe at Trump, the Republican frontrunner, and Cruz, who is No. 2 now.

Haley conveyed her next blunder in these words:

Growing up in the rural South, my family didn’t look like our neighbors. No one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws (italics and bolding mine), and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in our country.”

Last time I checked, Gov. Haley, illegal immigrants were not abiding by our laws, either when they crossed into our country, unlawfully, or when they decided to continue their illegal visits to remain here, also unlawful. Further, Haley depreciated the value of her own parents’ lawful entry into our country by likening it to the situation of the illegal immigrants.

If we stroll down that intellectual block farther, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, pagans, etc., do not advocate violence against other belief systems, violence such as mass murder, rape, child molestation, etc. Last time I checked, legislatures in our 50 United States passed laws that made those activities unlawful, not to mention morally reprehensible. Shockingly, there is a belief system that does advocate the perpetration of such unlawful activities: Islam.

Don’t take my word for it. If you like your privacy, search out the verses of violence in the Quran on If you don’t mind being tracked by snoopers, use another search engine. I have not checked, but I would not be surprised to discover that today, Muslim countries, and countries with large Muslim populations, contribute by far the largest quantity of mass and genocidal murders on planet Earth.

Using Haley’s own standard, Muslims should not be allowed into our country on the basis of their ideological and practical commitment to bloody unlawfulness against those who fail to embrace “the prophet” and a host of other related concerns. Infidels are part of the “Great Satan” and must be exterminated.

Finally, the establishment-picked refuter missed the whole point of the voters’ sentiments when she acknowledged that Republican politicians had played a role in the leadership and legislative bankruptcy of the country during the Obama administration, then said they would fix it. No, Nikki, we have given you guys, and girls, more than ample time and opportunity to do your jobs. You failed. Now we want someone else, someone who isn’t part of the establishment cabal, the self-perpetuating liars’ clubs in both parties who serve the monied special interests and only accidentally the common citizens.

See you at the ballot box!

Bergdahl Republicans


If you want to understand why presidential candidate Donald Trump represents the thoughts and feelings of average Republicans and represents a truer conservatism and truer Republicanism than the hypocritical Republican establishment that hates his guts for exposing them, check out the significance of the omnibus spending bill House Speaker Paul Ryan boasts as an accomplishment.

To phrase it another way, Trump may not wax as ideological as some self-proclaimed conservatives, but he stands for the policies that most Republicans hold most dearly.

And the establishment’s game plan crystallizes with each passing day, particularly with Ryan’s massive spending bill, one being executed faithfully by other Bergdahl Republicans.

Ryan has negotiated a deal with the president to spend $2 trillion over the next year. By the time you will have read this, the House may have passed the bill then have sent it on to the Senate.

According to and other sources, Ryan’s budget betrayal funds the so-called DREAMer program: executive amnesty, work permits, and federal benefits funded by your taxes for the welfare of illegal aliens who crossed into the United States surreptitiously when they were minors.

That’s not the least of it. Ryan’s omnibus bill provides federal grants for the so-called “sanctuary cities”, invests in the president’s refugee resettlement program for tens of thousands of Middle Easterners and confers access to federal benefits upon them, continues to fund the regular, hole-ridden immigrant and visa programs for people from jihadists countries, and spends your money to resettle illegal immigrants from south of the border.

Even more could be said, not to mention the increased spending, which will increase the deficit.

So what do Americans get? What causes justify Ryan’s trumpet of success?

“Instead, Mr. Ryan said Republicans should be happy with the end of the oil export ban and with extending the dozens of [special interest] tax breaks”, wrote Stephen Dinan and Dave Boyer in the Wednesday edition of the Washington Times, “predicting they would both spur new jobs and help keep the economy on track.”

Really? So oil companies benefit by ending the oil export ban and then by getting a tax break, along with a few other businesses and interests, and that is supposed to be a big deal for the average American and the average Republican?

You have to be kidding me, and 300 million Americans. Many of us think and want that our borders are secured, American lives protected, terrorists kept out of the country, illegal aliens leave and, if they want to try, return legally, Middle Eastern refugees be kept out of the country, sanctuary cities shut down, and benefits be reserved for American citizens only.

And the biggest slap in the face is Ryan and his buddy Republicans (and Demos) using our money, OUR MONEY, to give benefits to people who don’t even belong here, all while we fight to stay afloat economically in our recessed economy, sometimes working two jobs.

That is so wrong!

So remember that when Ryan and Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham and many of the other establishment Republicans are ripping Donald Trump for standing up for America and Americans, they are doing something behind your back – spending your money – to fund the illegal alien and refugee programs they want and you don’t. They are giving tax breaks to special interests already making millions and billions of dollars; not to you, who can barely survive.

When they say Donald Trump isn’t serious and is unhinged and call his programs jokes and unconstitutional, what they really mean is they either don’t want to accomplish them or don’t have the will to do so. Establishment Republicans have other plans, and they aren’t yours or mine.

They are Bergdahl Republicans: selfish political deserters of the will of the American people and Republican ideals. Those Bergdahl Republicans would put you in harm’s way for a nickel! And the nickel would be yours!