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Elites and Media Don’t Get It


A vital block of Americans cast off the chains of anti-Americanism, elitism, political correctness, and media dishonesty to drive 70-year-old Donald Trump to triumph in the 2016 presidential election Tuesday night.

With votes still being counted and confirmed, Trump had earned at least 276 electoral votes, six more than necessary, while Clinton was at 218. The popular vote was neck-and-neck, with both candidates earning over 59 million votes each so far.

Trump and his supporters swept aside the narrow-minded concerns of the political and media elites like a purifying white squall across the bloody deck of a slave freighter. Supporters refused to give answer to reporters and pollsters who sought a predetermined outcome. Instead, each took cover in his or her personal privacy, waiting for early voting or election day to pull the lever for Trump.

The Trumpers pulled it mightily again and again. Their votes tore down the so-called “Blue Wall” of the Democrats, the imaginary boundary Democrats believed protected them from defeat in those states.

The result bestowed an astonishing mantle of victory on the shoulders of Trump, the never-say-die candidate and accomplished billionaire who overcame the media’s monstrous partisanship and endless effluent of innuendo: the false or unsubstantiated accusations about his finances, businesses, taxes, campaign and debate statements, marriages, and sexual habits.

It seemed a mountain too high to climb, and the media, particularly national outlets like CNN (oft dubbed the “Clinton News Network”), MSNBC, CNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, network news, etc., doubled up on the shots they took at Trump by turning a blind eye to Hillary Clinton’s reckless, criminal email behavior, the sordid pay-to-play scheme of her Clinton Foundation, her pimping the media for debate questions against Sanders and Trump, and her salacious campaign operation designed to bring out the most sordid unsubstantiated details about Trump and present them even to the eyes and ears of children through their media minions.

Instead of journalistic investigative reporting into any of those aspects of Clinton’s character and practices, the major media rode the bench while Wikileaks and Russian hackers did the job the media should have done.

The media decided it had a more important job to do than communicate facts to voters. Their job was to assuage the “deplorables” with faux sympathy while paying no heed to what they were saying. Instead, the media portrayed voters’ support for Trump as at best a misdirected emotional venting of a barbarous and baleful national pride that led down a slippery slope of xenophobia, racism, and general hatred and national endangerment.

This distillation denied any value to what citizens – those drawn to Trump and his message – held in their hearts and in their minds: the policies of the last 25+ years had deprived them of jobs, income, opportunity, freedom, personal and national pride, and their sense of society and culture while bestowing all kinds of benefits and attentions on special interest groups and illegal immigrants and Middle Eastern refugees with no amity for the American political and religious culture.

Trump advocates were Americans unwelcome in their own country, Americans who could find no succor and respect in their country’s policies, Americans abandoned because they were deemed expendable by the elites and their minions, the collateral damage of today’s ineluctable global, social, economic, and technological evolution hailed as the natural progress of things.

So bad have circumstances become, and does the future look, that one columnist at The Washington Post has proposed the government provide a living wage to all Americans who are no longer needed in the workforce. 

Of course, the elites and their minions seem themselves to be immunized from the tumult of such evolution. 

In short, the ivory tower, elitist, leftist media didn’t get it. They didn’t get it that citizens have not conceded that this evolution is natural. Rather, government policies have artificially induced these conditions. Further, those who made the choice to support Trump have adduced correctly and rightfully that the constitutional mandate that infuses the American government is to make laws and policies that promote the common welfare and defense of American citizens, not foreigners.

The American government was not established to promote globalism, open borders, big corporate tyranny and license, and immigration just for the sake of immigration. The purpose of American government has always been to promote liberty and justice for each and every one of its citizens through the common welfare and defense.

No person would know this by reading the election reporting, especially that perpetrated by the national media outlets. If one reads their journalism, one sees that Trump supporters are ignorant, emotional, and prone to grave biases and prejudices, all of which produced an irrational choice to vote for Trump, a man whose flaws, the media crowed, were too profound and essential to permit him to win the presidency. On top of that, Trump offended the media’s sense of good taste. 

No. While Trump supporters may have entertained distaste for some of Trump’s personal qualities, they greatly preferred his ideas and proposals to Hillary’s. They did not want terrorists to have an easy time entering their country, and Hillary stood for that. They did not want illegal aliens staying in America, and Hillary stood for that. They did want our existing laws enforced. They did want illegals to be held accountable to the law, just like everyone else is. They did not want free trade agreements that robbed them of their jobs and devalued their labor. They did want American companies to build and operate factories in America. They did want to be able to pay their bills and have some left over for fun with their families. They did want their kids to be proud of them. And we all have wanted to see more “Made in America” print on products. 

Furthermore, Hillary’s experience was contrived, and she herself was deeply flawed. Hillary’s handling of Benghazi was both a substantial and a public relations disaster. Americans, including our ambassador, paid for her blunder with their lives. Like Trump, she offended many Americans’ moral sensibilities. Beyond Trump, however, Hillary engaged in criminal email activity but got away with it because of who she was. The media will argue she has never been convicted of anything; but in the court of public opinion, many, if not most, believe she has flouted the law repeatedly over the years. As a member of the elite, she was inoculated from prosecution. The perceived stain of criminality, however, sullies her person.

Good sense, good ideas about policies, and different ideas about what it means to be American and what the purpose of American government is, propelled people to support and vote for Donald Trump. He was the one person, the one candidate, with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders, who heard them and who identified what the problem was: an elite, stuck-in-the-mud establishment used to running the show on its own and shaming those who dissented with labels of political incorrectness.

As of today, that time is over. The fight will continue, but that time is over for now. It is the elites who better get used to the natural order of things, and that means the adoption of a true civic spirit that includes their fellow citizens.


It’s Hillary’s Fault


Sometimes we do not want the light spotted on us. We prefer the spotlight draw attention elsewhere, particularly to someone else who is doing wrong so that our sin is not exposed or given attention.

Such is the case in this 2016 presidential race. Mrs. Hillary Clinton, who boasted she had built herself a resumé of accomplishment, has discovered during the rough and tumble of an actual campaign that merely having a job or a title does not make a person qualified for his or her next job. A jobholder has do do something significant, something significantly good, or better, a series of significantly good things.

Instead, Mrs. Clinton, while touting her experience, has become aware that the objective evaluation of her performance differs vastly from her perception of that performance in her politically motivated appointment.

Worse, her argument that she performed admirably has been blocked out by the deafening thunder of her national security transgressions. She has been left to shout and scream that the FBI is interfering in her election, that the Russians are interfering in her election, and that nobody is spoiling Donald Trump’s election in this post-Access Hollywood moment. Where are her media collaborators?

She and they are, of course, trying to turn the spotlight elsewhere. The truth is that she is responsible for turning the spotlight on in the first place. Handle your national security emails properly and lawfully, and you don’t have a problem. Take them off your job site for your “convenience”, and you expose them to the computerized hacking of foreign powers, allow them storage on additional devices at additional places that are off your job site and away from care and security, and make a mess of doing your job.

Then comes the criminal investigation, as it should, a faux exoneration, and then more criminal investigation when it becomes clear, despite your best efforts to “wipe” the evidence and eliminate the devices carrying it, your transgressions, and those of your staff, were more egregious than first contemplated.

It’s true we do not know yet what the 650,000 emails ensconced in the virtual world of Anthony Wiener’s computer will tell us (though the sheer volume does not bode well). That does not permit Mrs. Clinton to cry “foul”. She created this mess. She created the mishandling and violations of law willfully and intentionally.

Mrs. Clinton gave us her intention when she declared that she wanted to make life more “convenient” for herself, merging her government business communications – the people’s business, mind you – and her personal communications into one account so that she, and not the government for whom she worked, could exercise sole control for whatever ends, good or bad, she saw fit.

Hillary Clinton placed herself above the people whose interests she was hired to protect in the role of an agency head.

She failed to do her job. She failed the people.

So don’t blame FBI Director James Comey that he had to reopen the investigation he thought was closed because his agents found what appears to be more of your emails. Your reckless placement of national security affairs and classified material on your personal, private server stashed in the basement of your Chappaqua, New York, home was your fault. Because you and your staff connected to your private, personal server, instead of doing all your business on secure government servers like you were supposed to, national security and classified emails are all over in places they should never have been.

Please don’t blame the Russians either, even if they did meddle. If the media, which has been aiding and abetting your campaign and trying to sink your opponents’, had done their job and reported and investigated objectively and completely, we would not have needed the Russians and Wikileaks. Had law enforcement been doing its job, we would not have needed the Russians or Wikileaks.

The shame – your shame, Mrs. Clinton, and ours – is that the Russians had to teach us that you behaved very, very badly, that you were crooked, and that you have been using every cheating and dirty trick in your power to win your party’s nomination and to win a presidential election for which you don’t even deserve to be running.

So if your quest for convenience has come back to haunt you, if your own haughty defiance of law and procedure has returned with a vengeance to devil your campaign at a most inopportune time, look in the mirror and point a bony finger at the withered image you see.

It’s your fault, Hillary Clinton! Blame no one else. It’s your fault!

A Vote for Trump Means Stability, Prosperity


As an American, I want to know that my president enjoys a heaping measure of common sense; a track record of good instincts, keen intuition, and sound judgment; and the ability to set and achieve beneficial, productive goals.

Donald Trump possesses those qualities. He has demonstrated a long history of negotiating deals with and against some of the smartest people on the planet, of acting cooperatively and diplomatically to achieve his ends, and of putting together the machinery of an effective organization.

The proof lies in his multi-billion dollar business successes. His most recent one became the new hotel he built within a stone’s throw of the White House. He finished the project ahead of time and under budget.

Can we not use that kind of expertise and effectiveness in the restoration of our economy, our public infrastructure, our military vitality, and our political strength? Do we not, in fact, need just that?

The unproven calumnies about contrived indecent acts Trump committed against a few women do not and cannot take away from those qualifications, chiefly because most people, understandably uncomfortable with what they heard and perhaps still tinged with some doubts and suspicions, don’t really believe them. In fact, had Trump not made some foolish, sophomoric comments 11 years ago that were surreptitiously recorded, not even a cursory basis for the alleged indecent acts would exist.

Hopefully, the rough campaign Trump has endured is teaching him a broader and more profound circumspection by which he will conduct himself with greater rectitude and by which he will value and make his own the desires and goals of a disenfranchised and deeply frustrated American citizenry.

While Trump exhibits the ability to change and to reinvent himself, Hillary Clinton remains a monolith. Years of practice have allowed the habits of self-aggrandizement, of rebellion against decency and morality, of reckless scandal, and of criminal behavior to take firm root in her nature.

Hillary Clinton will never change. She would bring a tenure of scandal, criminality, endless investigations, and nonstop banner headline reporting on her into the lives of Americans weary of her wrongdoing and pretentious piety.

How many times will Hillary Clinton blame others for her actions and the endless scrutiny they bring? Even now she and her mindless minions blame FBI Director James Comey because he announced investigators had found new emails on a device that neither Clinton nor her top aide, Huma Abedin, told investigators about previously.

Does that not fit a pattern of lies and deceit? Clinton and her staff were not forthright about the extent of the national security email violations, choosing instead to destroy or omit evidence. The only reason the new emails were discovered is because the FBI was investigating Abedin’s husband, Anthony Wiener, in an unrelated sex case.

If you want four more years of personal financial weakness, of political and social turmoil and division, and of scandals, cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.

If you want four years of personal financial strengthening, of a revitalized economy, of a stronger military, and of an American government that responds to and represents the interests of its citizens and veterans, and not those of illegal aliens, vote for Donald Trump.

Hillary’s Emails Found On Yucky Computer


Even the skewed polls show it: Donald Trump has caught up to or is passing Hillary Clinton as the preference among voters. In a fairly, accurately executed poll, Trump is most likely leading Clinton, perhaps by a sizable margin.

And early voting might be propelling Trump into the White House already.

Just two days after new shockwaves from her reckless email practices, Hillary’s candidacy is cracking and sinking into the dirt, as far as voters are concerned. The abyss is widening, too, amid news the FBI has obtained a warrant to review the new cache of emails found.

Trump had already been making a comeback, but as the FBI resumed its investigation into her criminal mishandling of sensitive, classified national security information, Hillary’s poll numbers and favorability began to slide into a chasm, and Trump’s numbers began to climb a stairway to the heights.

It may not be fair, but with the FBI’s new angle of inquiry coming from the personal computer of Huma Abedin and her sex-crazed husband, former Democratic Congressman Anthony Wiener, Hillary has been tainted once more by her personal and party association to man Trump calls “a sleazebag” and a man many people consider perverted in one way or another.

Wiener deserves the benefit of the doubt, and we confer our legal mantra upon his person: innocent until proven guilty. Yet Wiener is being investigated for inappropriate or sexual or perhaps pornographic communications with an underage girl via his computer. The FBI says it’s the same computer his wife, Huma, used to send and receive emails from Hillary.

The FBI will determine if the emails were and are classified and what light they shed on the question of Hillary’s national security breaches. In the meantime, voters feel a natural yuckiness about the proximity of their country’s national secrets to Wiener’s possibly surly, pornographic communiques and pictures.

Wiener gained notoriety while in office for sending pictures of his bulging or naked phallus to various females.

Known for her ruthlessness and pretense of piety, Hillary may throw Huma under the proverbial bus, if she thinks it’s necessary to save her own reputation and candidacy.

The thing is, more and more voters are feeling that it’s Hillary’s candidacy that should be thrown, not so much under a bus, but right at the grill of a speeding, oncoming 18-wheeler loaded to capacity!

The Hillary-Obama Axis of Contempt for Americans



The Obama Pentagon has decided to rescind its demand that American soldiers return the re-enlistment bonuses they earned and had been promised.

Still, thousands of soldiers were stripped of millions of dollars, and it remains uncertain whether those who complied with the Scroogean order will get their money back.

The fiasco highlights the contempt in which Obama, his hoped-for successor Hillary, and some Democrats have held our valiant military men and women. In their eyes, it wasn’t enough that our young men and women had put their lives on the line for our country.

The Obama administration wants to squeeze our soldiers for a few extra bucks. They don’t mind spending billions of our tax dollars to fund illegal aliens and Muslim refugees, but they want to penny pinch our own citizens, demanding the return of bonuses and hoarding money from VA hospitals that suffer from gross inefficiencies.

Hillary will continue those erratic, imbalanced, anti-American policies. She will take money from veterans and soldiers and give it to illegal aliens and Muslims.

Donald Trump will stop that misfeasance. He will not fund people who are here illegally. He will not pay to relocate potentially violent Muslims to a democracy and Western culture that they hate.

What Trump will do is spend money to make VA hospitals take care of the men and women they were supposed to take care of in a timely, effective manner – veterans. He will pay and allow soldiers to keep the bonuses they were promised. Trump will NOT cheat them.

Does that not make sense? Aren’t our president and our government Constitutionally mandated to look out for the common welfare and defense of our citizens?

The answer is, “Yes!”

Is our government supposed to take care of the citizens of other countries? Is that a Constitutional mandate?

The plain and simple answer: “No, it is not!”

Was not the whole point of the American Revolution to liberate ourselves from a dictatorial monarchy that not only failed to look out for all its subjects but made those subjects feel like they were NOT subjects.

Now Hillary and Obama make American citizens feel like they should be second class to foreigners, and the disturbing duo claim they are representing “American values” to con Americans into feeling guilty about demanding their government look out for them first.

They are not telling Americans the truth. How do we know? We know because America has NO tradition of encouraging ILLEGAL immigration. None. Yet they cunningly omit the word ILLEGAL when they speak of immigration. The only tradition America has encouraged is LEGAL immigration. Bring your poor and your tired LEGALLY.

When you don’t have a conscience, and when you see illegal immigrants as votes who can overwhelm the votes of real American citizens, it is easy to lie. That’s what Hillary and Obama do.

You are being conned, fellow citizen!

Vote for the candidate who stands for Americans and America, not the candidate who despises the military and puts foreigners first.

If You Want a Job, Vote for Trump


Most Americans want to be and feel valuable. They derive their value by their adherence to their personal beliefs, the usefulness and excellence of the products they make or the services they provide, and by the amount of money which they make.

Which candidate offers the best hope and help to give Americans the opportunity to merit the self worth they want?

Donald Trump does. Why?

The reasons Donald Trump gives Americans the best hope and help to achieve their self worth are his business savvy and his successful experience financing and building his businesses.

How many years have Americans been saying it was time to get someone, not merely outside of the Washington establishment, but outside the profession of law to enter the political sphere and run it successfully because of his executive business experience?

Now we have that person, Donald Trump. His confidence, his strong leadership, his savvy, and his skill at executive administration have allowed him to negotiate the most profitable deals and to complete projects on or ahead of time at or under budget.

Can you imagine the benefits to us by having a person like that seize the reins of government? Would he not gain control over this beast of bureaucratic federal government and make it more efficient, profitable, and responsive to Americans?

Donald Trump is the sterling candidate to restore America’s dwindling economic fortunes.

Why isn’t Hillary Clinton that person?

Hillary has no business experience. She’s an ivory tower lawyer. She has no experience creating jobs. She has no experience completing projects on time and on budget.

Hillary has created an institution, the Clinton Foundation, which has been described as a vast money laundering machine that enables special foreign and financial interests to obtain government favors by enriching the Clintons. That’s good for her but does not help Americans.

Hillary wants more illegal aliens and Muslim refugees to come to the United States, and to keep here those who are already illegal. Those policies not only create a strain on public budgets, but they add huge numbers to the potential employment pool, which means job creation has a harder task keeping up with the growing numbers of available workers.

Add to that Hillary’s support, not merely for open borders, but for globalization, which means manufacturing plants will continue to close in the United States, making more Americans income-less, and reopen in foreign countries.

All those Hillary policies mean more unemployment and loss of money to spend!

Finally, Hillary wants to force on Americans a medical insurance program, Obamacare, whose costs will skyrocket by 25% in 2017 and will continue to rise in subsequent years. Yesterday, the White House acknowledged the impending cost increases.

Hillary Clinton’s plan will take away jobs from Americans, create a greater likelihood Americans will not obtain employment, create a few, low-paying, part-time jobs, make Americans pay more for medical insurance, likely raise taxes even on middle and low income Americans, and increase our national and public debt, all while enriching herself and a few wealthy friends.

Donald Trump’s plan calls for reducing taxes, reducing expenditures, creating more wealth for the average person, creating more jobs, creating more income, returning manufacturing to the United States, expelling illegal aliens, and keeping out bloody terrorists and their sympathizers, which creates public safety and a more stable business environment.

If having a job and making money to support yourself and your family are NOT important to you, vote for Hillary.

If you want a job, if you want an opportunity to make more money and to take care of yourself and your family, vote for Donald Trump.

It’s that simple. It’s that clear.

Fatal Vision


Bravo to the Wall Street Journal for an exposé on a $500,000 donation from a key Clinton ally to the wife of the FBI agent who investigated Hillary’s emails. A coincidence? Boy, those coincidences keep piling up! We have a veritable mountain of them. The Clintons either receive or give money and – voila! – good things start to happen for them and for those who play ball with them.

How thickheaded and blind can voters be?