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The Damnocrats


The Democrat, make that the Damnocrat, Party is the Judas Party, the party of betrayal, of sellout for a few coins. Just as Judas betrayed God’s messiah and the savior of mankind, so Damnocrats betray America and Americans. They want to immolate our unique, individualist, Christian, and rationalist American culture and erect a globalist, Islamic replacement. They shout diversity but demand conformity of thought and a mindless world culture that promotes the sanctity of the elite establishment and globalism and forced socialism on the lower classes.

The Damnocrats – progressives, Leftists, call them what you will – are an Orwellian bunch who dropped out of an intellectual and moral anus (I confess many Republicans are part of the same establishment, just the other side of the coin). They’re what’s left after all the good has been digested by a world in need of nutrition. They keep trying to refeed us themselves and telling us it’s wonderful and healthy.

Look at commie Bernie Sanders. Doesn’t think Christians are fit to hold office. If I was just like the Damnocrats, I’d suggest somebody inject an air bubble into one of his veins. I’m not, so I can only hope God brings Sanders to his senses. He can do anything, even if Sanders can’t, and he can’t, especially politically. Sanders has never done anything but feed off the public trough. He has no real world experience except what he does in his underpants or when he sits on the commode. One can easily imagine the B.O. that emanates from that dirty old man and the flies that buzz about him as he creaks along.

The Damnocrat takeover will never happen, God willing, and if they turn to more violence and subterfuge, as they already have performed both, and continue to do in their pursuit of the coup d’etat against duly elected President Donald Trump, then we will have a new civil war! We remember Jefferson’s words in the Declaration: But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security… .”


The Spooks Attack


A house divided cannot stand. Jesus provided that sage observation when he spoke of the impossibility and the stupidness of the Pharisaical contention that he was exorcising the possessed and healing the infirm and sick on behalf of the Devil.

Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn resigned less than a month into President Donald Trump’s administration. He resigned, not because of the leaks of his conversations with Russian diplomats nor anything he said to them, but because he did not provide a full or accurate account of his conversations to Vice-President Mike Pence, who went on national television to defend him.

For that, Flynn deserved to resign. My hope is that he will return to a place in the Trump Administration down the road. He is a quality military and intelligence professional who can still serve his country.

The country is not served, however, by the leaks the spooks in the NSA and elsewhere are deliberately spilling to reporters, leaks of the work by the administration’s top intelligence and military and cabinet officials, of even the president and his private conversations. The leaks are deliberate lawbreaking by the people who resent President Trump’s critique of their poor work the last 16 years. More importantly, they are leaks by the new Devil in town, the Devil who spews the anti-American ideology of globalism, elitism, political correctness, and privacy deprivation permanently staked out among the establishments of the Left and the Right.

For simplicity, I will refer to them as the globalists, but know that what I mean are the anti-American ideologues of globalism, elitism, PC, and privacy deprivation. Their house is undivided by minor differences in Left and Right.

On the other hand, they have divided our American house, and they are hellbent on continuing to divide it and every other house in the world until they have cut off and crushed the opposition to their goals: a global, two-class system dominated by the elites, an undiluted diversity that becomes a uni-versity and an undiluted multicultural muck whose only feature is its complete lack of distinction, an underclass the elites stimulate and control for their benefit, disallowing thoughts outside of their notions of political and social correctness, an underclass completely naked to their proddings.

It’s a horrifying thought, but it is time for Americans to consider whether they own their country or not, whether the Constitution means anything or not, because the globalists have no intention of adhering to it. None. The Constitution stands in their way.

My sense is our country is divided beyond repair. Americanism and globalism cannot coexist. Globalism, especially under the former president, represents a ceding of all we have held dear to the perversions of diversity and multiculturalism. If I were to visit Korea, I would want to experience the Korean culture. If I were to visit Morocco, I would want to experience the Moroccan culture, etc. I don’t want either of them coming here and changing our American culture. I love our English heritage, I cherish it, even though I am half Hispanic and Catholic, and I want that White Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture to continue, not get lost in some amorphous muck.

So this is where we are: the globalists within the intelligence community, the lovers of Clinton and Islamic terror and greedy mega-corporations and media who lie to the American public, especially the self-hating white people among them, betraying the president and his officials for their political agenda.

The FBI should find and root out every single one of those soulless, traitorous bastards and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. They act as if the voters made a mistake, and they want to correct that mistake, just like the folks in 1984. These are dark, ominous days, and in the darkness the political spooks and bureaucrats have found a way to begin their coup d’etat.

The globalists aren’t going to stop. We must stop them. Keep the faith, my fellow citizens, in God, in your neighbor, and in your American way!