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The new york times Cuts Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump

The High Priest of the Dishonest Media, the new york times, conjured up a piece to tell the world what it and its like-minded friends think of Ivanka Trump. Can you guess?

The oily article appeared today as one of the curated items on MSN’s news feed. It was mislabeled “Will Ivanka Trump Be The Most Powerful First Daughter In History?”. 

It should have been headlined, “Will Ivanka Trump Be What We Want Her To Be… Or Will We Have To Keep Cutting Her, Figuratively, Of Course, Until She Heels – Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!?”

I read the article until my mild chili bean lunch began to wend its way up my esophagus. I learned nothing about what it would take to become the most powerful first daughter in history. I did learn the opinions of the new york times and its like-minded elitists about Ms. Trump’s political views and business demeanor. In a sense, that was their idea of what it would take.

Suffice to say their opinions did not flatter the lovely Ms. Trump; they berated her. So passé! The election’s over, defeated Hillary and political correctness acolytes, so down the hatch with a shot of prolixin and chase it with a couple shots of whiskey. They can only help, although they will do nothing for your objectivity.

Sorry. That fossil’s dead and buried long ago under the basement of the new york times building. Who knows. It might have been alive yet when you all poured the cement over it.