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Last Ditch Manipulation by the Shills!


The panicked, last ditch efforts to thwart democracy and manipulate American citizens to vote for Hillary Clinton have broken out of the gate.

Examine a few of these latest laughers (though they have serious implications)!

1. President Obama tells men to cast aside their reluctance to vote for a woman, just as he acknowledges that Michelle, his wife, is superior to him; then how come he ran for president instead of Michelle?

The significance: men are hateful dirtbags unless they vote for the female presidential candidate this year. Sounds an awful lot like, uh, prejudice.

2. Clinton operatives are huffing and puffing to push the Trump University civil case into the front and center of viewers, but viewers’ vision is obscured by 650,000 wayward emails.

The significance: Hillary is so blemished and rotten, she has to go hunting again for anything to try to make Trump look worse. This one’s been tried already. And Hillary isn’t going to win with her policy positions, like supporting Obamacare, which will punish citizens with draconian rate hikes and benefit cuts next year and on.

3. Microsoft and USA Today have rolled out a story with a seductive headline about former President Bush and his former governor brother, Jeb, possibly voting for Clinton. In the end the source, Jeb’s son, George P., says he does not know how his father and uncle voted. George P. himself says he supports Trump.

The significance: We already knew the Bushes were picking up their marbles and running to Hillary when Trump took Jeb out to the woodshed during the primaries. At least, that’s what they said they were going to do. If they retained any loyalty to the Republican Party, they voted Trump. If not, they voted for the Clinton Crime Family.

4. Another article on the MSN website touts a looming credit cut to Great Britain once it severs ties with the European Union. Moody’s made the threat. It had already downgraded the sovereign nation’s credit to “negative” when British subjects voted to depart the loose confederation. Others grimly warned of a testing of Britain’s “constitutional and legal frameworks” now and beyond; others, what a byzantine mess Britain’s departure will make.

The significance: voters who assert their constitutional prerogatives and national sovereignty will be punished for getting in the way of the elite establishment and its globalism. It’s their way or they will make your lives miserable. So much for the invisible, guiding hand of the free market! It’s more like the Invisible Fist!

You know what to do, right? Vote and be counted, then join the NRA!

5. New York Times columnist Tom Friedman begged Trump voters to listen to him, the voice of political reason crying out in the wilderness of the… the… the… whatever. Here was his key thought to change your minds: “Yes, Hillary Clinton is a flawed leader… . But she is not indecent… .”

The significance: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Clinton’s desperate dog-and-pony shills have run out of smoke and mirrors to alter the appearance of her reckless, criminal activity and her elitist, globalist policies that will rifle through your pocketbooks to meet higher costs and export your jobs to other countries.

To vote for Trump is to vote for American individualism and excellence, it’s to vote for the hard-fought liberty and laws our forefathers won, it’s to vote for a culture of faith and freedom, it’s to vote for creating jobs and prosperity, it’s to vote for getting things done on time and under budget, it’s to vote to take care of our own citizens and veterans instead of another country’s citizens, especially those who hate our faith and freedom.

Won’t it be great to have that kind of country? Make America great again!


Cowards Like Anderson Cooper, Stephanie Ruhle, and Paul Ryan


Only the most hardened or ignorant of souls could be anything but disgusted by the cowardice of Clinton News Network commentator A.C. Cooper at the debate and House Speaker and Defector Republican Paul Ryan the day before and the day after.

Add to that the cowardice and betrayal of top Republican establishment members. Though I am not a Republican, nor a Democrat, they intended to subvert Trump’s candidacy from Day One and in the process are accomplishing the perhaps necessary destruction of the Republican Party.

Anderson Cooper is a coward, and he displayed both his bias and lack of fortitude at the second presidential debate Sunday night. Cooper is gay, yet he failed to ask one of the most critical questions for gays. Why? Because he wanted to advance the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

What question was Cooper too cowardly to ask? This one:

Candidate Clinton, in light of the Orlando night club massacre, how can you claim to support gays while you support the continued migration of Muslims to America, Muslims whose religion specifically calls for the deaths of homosexuals, provides three ways for homosexuals to be executed, and whose members often cling avidly to those anti-American, Koranic principles?”

Ah! Attacking yet another Clinton contradiction on this most vital and volatile issue would have lowered her standing among gays and Muslims. She can’t risk the loss of the minority voters to whom she panders. So Coward Cooper can’t, couldn’t, and didn’t ask the question.

I imagine it was hard for Cooper to focus on the vital and meaningful issues to the country when he was so busy selling sensational language and painting it as an actual “sexual assault”, as he did during the debate, so he could make it seem as bad as the real sexual assaults and victim crushing performed and/or enabled by Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Let’s not forget another media coward, Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC, who identifies herself as a Catholic and who anchors the propaganda machine that begins to run after Morning Joe. Monday morning, Ruhle began to pontificate on her and her mother’s horror at the sinful Donald Trump locker room banter. She is, of course, pushing the candidacy of baby-killer Hillary Clinton.

There’s the rub. How does any Catholic vote for Hillary Clinton? How does the offense of filthy language exceed the dismemberment or skull-crushing murders that occur in contemporary, “safe” (for whom?) abortion procedures that Hillary advocates. How does any Catholic condone by her vote the terrible sin of dishonesty repeatedly committed by Hillary Clinton while condemning filthy language?

Proverbs Chapter 6:16-19 (using the Catholic New American Bible) identifies seven things that “are an abomination to [the Lord]: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that plots wicked schemes, feet that run swiftly to evil, the false witness who utters lies, and he who sows discord among brothers.”

I’ll let each voter determine how many of these apply to Crooked Hillary, I will just point out that she has manifested “a lying tongue” and “hands that shed innocent blood”, and she has indelibly inked them on her resumé.

Hillary Clinton stands knee-deep in abominations. Stick that in your Christian or Catholic or Judeao conscience!

Ruhle is a coward, and her secular politics have overrun her self-alleged Catholic conscience. She lacks the spine to apply her alleged beliefs to her political choices. Heck, she can’t even be fair and accurate when reporting the news!

Is there a politician who has less of a spine than Paul Ryan? Falling prey to the media maelstrom created to magnify the locker room talk on an 11-year-old video, Ryan collapsed, and he sacrificed his own special interest ideology as well as the will of many who might have supported him, by condemning Trump out of proportion to his offense and refusing to campaign for him any longer.

Remember, Ryan bowed to Obama and gave Obama the budget bill and other items the president wanted, including funding for law-defying sanctuary cities, in exchange for a few corporate tax breaks. Ryan has the courage to vote for the mutual benefits of the two-party establishment and its elites but nothing but yellow when it comes to the average American. Trump is outside the party establishment, so Ryan doesn’t care.

The irony will be his castrated effort to “protect” house seats by slinking away from the party’s presidential candidate. Average Republican Party members don’t like the establishment. They don’t like lackey congressmen and senators vote for what the establishment wants. They don’t like them neglecting the common man and the American ideals the common man holds. Thus, these kinds of Republican Party members don’t want to vote in or keep in those kinds of representatives and view them as a collection of impotent, losing, paid-for traitors.

Hearing Paul Ryan talk about his “principles” inspires either laughter or vomiting.

Narrow-minded cowards and bullies are the like of Ryan and his ideological buddies. Support the establishment and its representatives or else! Ryan and his pals claim “the high ground”. They must be talking about the hump in the yard built up to house the septic tank and drainage field!

For all those establishment people, including former president Bush, whom I used to respect and even love a bit: Shame on you! Don’t ask us to vote for your candidates when you abandoned the party and what was right to steer people to Hillary Clinton, the embodiment of self-enrichment and dishonesty and the contrary to conservative ideology. You support her or endorse her because your feelings got hurt and your brother’s feelings got hurt. BTW, your brother is barely half the man you are, or were, and I would never vote for him for president as I did for you.

With hindsight, I wonder about our entrance into Iraq, but I have never reached a point where I agreed with either the substance or the tone of what Trump said about George W’s decision to attack there. Bush used Colin Powell in a way he shouldn’t have. We did not need the existence of WMD to invade. I was ready to invade Iraq when I saw Saddam Hussein walking on a floor with George W’s daddy’s face on it at some government building in Baghdad. Given the other conditions that existed at that time, that really pissed me off!

Now, however, Bush has made a decision that should have been contrary to his conscience. He has failed America and Americans with it, and likely contributed to the destruction of his party. I am certainly not going to vote for Republican candidates.

Unless Trump wins, it’s time for a third party. In the meantime, a lot of people should reflect on their cowardice and subterfuge.

Voters should not allow themselves to be bullied intellectually by the media, the politicians, or by Hillary and the Hillaryites. Instead, voters should rebel against the cowardice of those people!

Vote Trump!