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Trump Fights Through Angry Media


The angry media is on the warpath!

Just look at the angry – not to mention dishonest or partial – storylines being published: The New York Times, “Donald Trump Pledges To Heal Divisions (And Sue His Accusers)”; Salon, Donald Trump, domestic terrorist: the man who tried to kill democracy – and why we had it coming”; The Washington Post, “Donald Trump, Officially Out of Ideas, Says He Will Sue…”.

Yet Trump, brimming with confidence, barrels through the barrage of negativity, taking his lumps, absorbing the sucker punches, sticks, and rocks of the media mob, and relentlessly dishing out a message of renewed national pride and strength through jobs for Americans.

The Times headline exudes the pure sarcasm of partisanship; Salon’s, a desperate hyperbole and a deficit of reason; The Post, a long-ago crippled journalism supported by the crutch of bitter partiality.

They are all losing credibility and the respect of growing numbers of Americans discontented with blinded news and commentary born of a malicious negativity.

Those organs exhibit a growing sense that their abominable candidate, Hillary Clinton, may not win. As the possibility of Hillary’s failure grows, it increases the pressure within each of her media minions, like stronger pressure in a ball that becomes so intense, the ball explodes. Some media minion heads are ready to do just that – pop! They have already given every advantage to Hillary, so they don’t have much else to offer besides a complete, utter breakdown and shoveling away of their journalistic ethics.

Trump should sue each and every woman who lied about him. How convenient that they appeared so mysteriously out of the woodwork during the last weeks of the campaign to discredit him during a tight race!

Trump can and will help to heal our nation. One way he’ll do that is to restore and empower our American economy. His work in that area will bring back a lot of self-esteem and morale to American workers. Trump is much, much more qualified to create prosperity than ideological Hillary. Hillary has zero economic and business-building experience. Zero.

She does know how to launder money and enrich herself through a fraudulent foundation. And she knows how to expose our classified secrets. So if you need a blueprint for a criminal enterprise, hire Hillary!

Trump is a domestic terrorist? How pathetic that the not-so-clever Salon writer (or perhaps editor) had to commit a grave act of equivocation to make his limp point. Not only that, but he or she tries to pin guilt on common Americans, just like the Democrats were hoping the San Bernardino slaughterer was a white man instead of the hateful, raging Muslim he actually was (Thank you for that revelation, Wikileaks!).

By the way, that email, and Salon’s reporting, manifests unequivocally a prejudice against a whole class of people which has gone unreported throughout this entire campaign: white men. Hillary hates white men. The Democrat Party and its media minions hate white men. In particular, they hate Southern men.

Trump has not spent one minute in office, so he’s not even had a chance to exhibit any anti-democratic tendency. On the other hand, Mr. Obama has been rebuked by the federal courts, and his continued use of “executive orders” demonstrates his willingness to bypass Congress and flout the operation of the Constitution. Wedge that in your crack, Salon writer!

The Post can certainly look to itself for experience in being out of ideas. A cursory read of their pages reveals that to even a modest intellect. This campaign, their editors and reporters have shown one, single, solitary idea: Get Hillary elected. That idea is lame, and it breeds other lame ideas.

For instance, the solution of one writer, WaPo columnist David Ignatius, to the growing deprivation of the average American worker is NOT to bring jobs back to America nor to create new ones here, as Trump wants, but to promote a government provided wage to everyone. Why? He is pushing the idea that jobs won’t, or shouldn’t, be brought back to or created for Americans, and that robots should be allowed to take jobs away from Americans, too.

That’s the kind of thinking that supports Hillary Clinton. In fact, I believe that is Hillary’s thinking. She wants open borders. She wants trade pacts that bleed America of jobs. She supports wealthy owners and their corporations keeping jobs and money overseas. She supports Wall Street’s financial overlords and the dominion they hold over Americans.

It may be ironic, but she is the elitist, not Trump.

The elites must be able to make more money at the expense of average Americans. The elites must not be interfered with in their greed for greater and greater profit. The power of the elites to dump American workers for foreign workers or to jilt American workers for robots must not be tampered with! Just disenfranchise them from the economic system, from any sense of productivity, shove a check in their pocket, and let them subsist in isolation with a pair of headphones on while they play “their music” and chew on Twinkies, void of purpose.

Disgusting! Go eat a Twinkie, Ignatius!

Those who are out of ideas, or who vomit bad ones, should be ignored. Ignatius is just such a person. The media minions of Hillary Clinton are just such people.