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The Spooks Attack


A house divided cannot stand. Jesus provided that sage observation when he spoke of the impossibility and the stupidness of the Pharisaical contention that he was exorcising the possessed and healing the infirm and sick on behalf of the Devil.

Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn resigned less than a month into President Donald Trump’s administration. He resigned, not because of the leaks of his conversations with Russian diplomats nor anything he said to them, but because he did not provide a full or accurate account of his conversations to Vice-President Mike Pence, who went on national television to defend him.

For that, Flynn deserved to resign. My hope is that he will return to a place in the Trump Administration down the road. He is a quality military and intelligence professional who can still serve his country.

The country is not served, however, by the leaks the spooks in the NSA and elsewhere are deliberately spilling to reporters, leaks of the work by the administration’s top intelligence and military and cabinet officials, of even the president and his private conversations. The leaks are deliberate lawbreaking by the people who resent President Trump’s critique of their poor work the last 16 years. More importantly, they are leaks by the new Devil in town, the Devil who spews the anti-American ideology of globalism, elitism, political correctness, and privacy deprivation permanently staked out among the establishments of the Left and the Right.

For simplicity, I will refer to them as the globalists, but know that what I mean are the anti-American ideologues of globalism, elitism, PC, and privacy deprivation. Their house is undivided by minor differences in Left and Right.

On the other hand, they have divided our American house, and they are hellbent on continuing to divide it and every other house in the world until they have cut off and crushed the opposition to their goals: a global, two-class system dominated by the elites, an undiluted diversity that becomes a uni-versity and an undiluted multicultural muck whose only feature is its complete lack of distinction, an underclass the elites stimulate and control for their benefit, disallowing thoughts outside of their notions of political and social correctness, an underclass completely naked to their proddings.

It’s a horrifying thought, but it is time for Americans to consider whether they own their country or not, whether the Constitution means anything or not, because the globalists have no intention of adhering to it. None. The Constitution stands in their way.

My sense is our country is divided beyond repair. Americanism and globalism cannot coexist. Globalism, especially under the former president, represents a ceding of all we have held dear to the perversions of diversity and multiculturalism. If I were to visit Korea, I would want to experience the Korean culture. If I were to visit Morocco, I would want to experience the Moroccan culture, etc. I don’t want either of them coming here and changing our American culture. I love our English heritage, I cherish it, even though I am half Hispanic and Catholic, and I want that White Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture to continue, not get lost in some amorphous muck.

So this is where we are: the globalists within the intelligence community, the lovers of Clinton and Islamic terror and greedy mega-corporations and media who lie to the American public, especially the self-hating white people among them, betraying the president and his officials for their political agenda.

The FBI should find and root out every single one of those soulless, traitorous bastards and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. They act as if the voters made a mistake, and they want to correct that mistake, just like the folks in 1984. These are dark, ominous days, and in the darkness the political spooks and bureaucrats have found a way to begin their coup d’etat.

The globalists aren’t going to stop. We must stop them. Keep the faith, my fellow citizens, in God, in your neighbor, and in your American way!


Trump Saves Carrier Jobs


Give a man credit when credit is due him. President-Elect Donald Trump just saved 1,000 jobs at the Carrier Air Conditioning plant in Indiana. They will stay in American and not relocate to Mexico. Carrier made the announcement Tuesday. An official announcement will be made at a press conference Thursday at the Indiana plant.

Trump has already begun to keep his campaign promises.

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, the outgoing governor of Indiana, played a key role in the negotiations held at Trump Tower over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Details of the deal are yet to be unveiled, but the astonishing announcement by Carrier, which had been hellbent on shuttering the plant, heralded a remarkable achievement for a man who hasn’t even been sworn in as president yet.

One thousand people once wondering how they were going to provide for their families can now revel in the feast of financial security. They had been looking at a dearth of opportunity in their neck of the broken down Rust Belt, a Midwest and Middle Atlantic region of hard working factory men and women abandoned by corporate flight to dirt cheap Third World countries.

So while members of the Sissy Generation stumble into their professors’ offices, wailing and sobbing about Donald Trump getting elected, vowing to either kill themselves or move to another country (please, someone help them get the visas they need!), the man they vilify just kept their parents, or their neighbors’ parents, working, and quite likely will continue to do so, going even further to make sure that when those students are out of school, they have a menu of jobs from which to choose.

Something to think about as you wipe away your tears with a tissue.

Heartfelt message to The Donald: keep keeping jobs in the US and create new ones, please! Thank you!

Trump Stuns Clinton, Wins Second Debate!


Donald Trump fought hard and earned an astonishing victory in the second presidential debate in St. Louis Sunday night.

Trump absorbed the huge media-assisted attack Hillary launched on a video and audio tape filled with alpha male locker room talk, admitted his speech was wrong, apologized, and demonstrated contrition.

Then Trump moved on to issues and to Hillary’s record and character, and he demolished her. He said she should be in jail and will if he is elected, mocked her patently obvious lie about Abraham Lincoln she concocted to cover for what she really told to her Wall Street masters during her secret speeches, and brought to the forefront her career of failure as a senator, as a secretary of state, as someone who cherishes only her own ambitions, and that she will not change anything.

(Megyn Kelly trying to force her opinions on Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson. She even asked her if the rumors of Mike Pence leaving the ticket over the video were true… after she and Bret Baier reported that Mike Pence tweeted that Trump had won the debate and he was proud to be on the ticket with the Donald. Try to be professional, Megyn. You’re not acting professional just because you challenge Trump.)

Hillary stuttering and stammering through her Abe Lincoln lie was particularly telling. She hadn’t prepared for it and packaged it like so many of her other canned answers, so she wasn’t able to hide her dishonesty as she usually does.

Hillary did score points early in the debate when she had the opportunity to present her well-rehearsed diatribe about Trump’s locker room talk. If you examine the debate carefully, it was really the only time she was on the offensive. She pinned the entire debate on the video, hoping to deliver a knockout punch that would end Trump’s candidacy once and for all. To be sure, it was a hard punch, but, to further the boxing analogy, Trump’s tough chin took it, and after wobbling in the natural embarassment he surely knew was coming, Trump regrouped and took over the contest.

That’s when Trump counterattacked and smashed Hillary’s defenses, clearly defining the difference between his locker room talk and Bill Clinton’s actual, tangible sexual predations, and Hillary’s enablement of them, her vicious efforts to crush Bill’s victims, and her support for the rapist of a 12-year-old in a case she lawyered. No clearer example of hypocrisy has ever been manifested in a presidential debate!

And Trump smashed her on her criminal handling of the emails she deleted and then acid-washed so no one could know what they were and how she had exposed our national security secrets.

All she could do was deny, deny, deny without any offer of any facts to support her denials, because there are no facts to support her. She couldn’t even offer details about what she had done for the last 30 years except for vaguenesses like, “I want to invest in you.” So we have $20 Trillion in debt, she wants to raise taxes, but she wants to spend more, too. ??? Something isn’t adding up.

Trump also overcame biased moderators who challenged him but not Clinton.

We’ll cover more at some point tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

I’m Still With Trump!


I just watched the video of Donald Trump conversing with a few other men prior to the taping of a segment for Access Hollywood. In the tape, Trump openly states that he tried to have sexual intercourse (a word, presumably the “f” word, is bleeped out) with a particular women and failed. He speaks of her transformation since that time and the alleged breast implant surgery she had. He talks about the benefits of being famous, which he claimed allowed him to kiss women without asking them and to grab their private areas (he uses the “p” word). He and the other men also describe a female they are seeing on some videotape, paying particular attention to her legs.

I think I have included all or at least the most salient details of the video recording. The design of its revelation is to shame Trump supporters into abandonment. At least among some of the high and mighty, it has worked.

You must evaluate the video and its context and its sudden appearance in the midst of a heated campaign, including the motives of the person behind the operatives who discovered and released it, and decide what significance it has. You must assign your value to it without respect for the torrent of publicity.

I can only offer my perspective based on my experience, my values, and thus my own personal situation. Some will accuse me of being a blind and obtuse Trump supporter. That is false, but it is probably a waste of time to make that argument to some.

Do I like what Trump said? No. Does it fall short of what I believe to be objective moral standards? Yes, his conversation fell quite short. Would I prefer a candidate who manifests a stronger moral code in his character in that area? Yes.

Yet the “revelation” of the video recording does not amount to a hill of beans.

That’s correct. It amounts to virtually nothing. Why? Because most, if not all, men have spoken that way about their sexual desires and about women, whether or not there is actually any truth to what they are saying. Guys, when they get together and let off steam, or when they feel the need to promote an image of alpha maleness – and women often do the same in regard to men – speak about sex and sexual actions and women frankly and graphically. Understanding that some may have been pure or perhaps scared to think and speak in this area in such a way, I suspect a majority has behaved in this way, though perhaps few will admit it.

Do men actually live out what they say in these “locker room moments”? Some do. Some take what is usually over the top fantasy expression or male chest thumping and make the effort to live it. The notion that the expressions or the actions based on the expressions intrinsically constitute misognyny is nothing but bullshit, political rhetoric designed to win votes for the accuser behind the revelation.

Do men use women to get sex, and do women use men to get sex? Yes. Do they talk about it, sometimes crudely and graphically? Yes. Does it mean they hate the opposite sex because of the sex they are? No. Do men or women many times take advantage of the strength of their social position to obtain the sex they want? Yes. Does it mean they hate the opposite sex? No, at least not necessarily. It does evince a narrow view of the opposite sex, one that I believe is detrimental to the establishment of loving, trusting relationships, not merely at home but in society. It means men or women have been using members of the opposite sex and talking crudely about them since the dawn of time. To use members of the opposite sex, men and women flout moral principles which, I would argue, should be universally accepted but are not.

Why, then, the outrage, particularly by Republican officials?

Unfortunately, some Republicans have been looking for a way to dump Trump or at least eject their and everyone else’s support from him like ballast from a submarine, and it has nothing to do with misogyny or xenophobia or racism or bigotry or sexual antics or anything moral and ethical. It has to do with upsetting the establishment’s apple cart and the whole system supporting that apple cart – the dishonest media.

If we are going to apply rigorous moral standards to candidates and celebrities, who would be left standing? How does John McCain raise a voice of moral objection to Trump when he himself admitted to an adulterous lifestyle while married to his first wife? How does he pass a political judgment on Trump when he caroused and sexually pursued other women and ultimately his next wife, who was a cheerleader 17 years his junior, while still married to his first, who had suffered an accident that left her with a diminished appearance?

If Trump’s candidacy is to be invalidated because of his past sexual escapades or sexual expressions from 11 years ago, why doesn’t McCain resign from office to atone for his sins?

In my opinion, no one should like or respect what Trump said or did 11 years ago, suggesting he was trying to cheat on his (amazingly beautiful) wife or soon to be wife and boasting (who knows if it was true?) about grabbing women’s private parts.

However, hearing pompous, self-inflated, fatuous, self-righteous Republican and Democrat leaders and donors and news media lackeys express their selective, Pharisaical indignation and revulsion is like Hitler calling Mussolini a bloody fascist!

Let them who have no sin be the first to cast stones, if there are any “them”, and among them would surely NOT be Hillary Clinton and her sex assaulting husband.

Donald Trump might be concupiscent, but Bill Clinton has been a predatorial lecher for decades. Donald Trump may have treated women like sex objects, but Bill Clinton and other Democrats and Republicans treat them as objects to be used and beaten down. Throw Shillary Hillary into that mix. The mantra of the Clinton Cabal can be best expressed by words of one of their closest advisors, James Carville, who said you can walk through a trailer park waiving a hundred dollar bill and just watch what happens.

I have heard media lackeys of various persuasions laugh at that remark, including those on Morning Joe. What’s funny about it? What’s laughable about calling women who are poor and suffering “trash” you can get to do anything you want them to by waving some money at them?

That’s misogynistic! That’s the high and mighty having a good laugh over women they can squeeze sexual favors out of because those desperate women need money. That’s the Clinton Cabal, snobbily and derisively looking down on others as others service them and their lecherous needs! And if those desperate women show any signs of rebellion, of standing up for themselves, brutal enabler Hillary enters the fray and creates “the War Room” to gather and implement resources to threaten, besmirch, belittle, and utterly crush the women who challenge and threaten her and her husband’s ambition.

In the end, we have an imperfect, sometimes crude man on one side, and on the other the enabler of a sexually out of control politician who now accuses others to divert attention from her and her husband’s own sins, and one who destroys other women and their credibility.

If you want to let her, Shillary Hillary, Satan’s daughter, work her black magic accusations again, then that’s on you.

I won’t do that.

Trump still has better policies. He’s still the more productive and effective candidate. He’s still for America first and Americans first. He’s still the better person. It isn’t hard for someone to be better morally or ethically than Shillary Hillary.

Gasp at the sizzle, if you must. Then realize who’s ashen with overcooking: Shillary Hillary. I cannot think of a politician with a longer resume of evil than Hillary Rodham Clinton. Just like the devil, Hillary is a slanderer and an accuser.

And more encouraging for some: Mike Pence. I love that guy. He’s ethical, purposeful, sober, and principled, something that screaming interruptor Tim Kaine seems to know little about. Pence is ready to become president and commander-in-chief, and would be a vastly more ethical and fit candidate than Shillary Hillary could ever be. Pence by himself makes the Trump ticket the better choice!

Who knows? God is able to change a man. Perhaps as his sins come home to him, Trump will realize where he has been defective and deficient as a human being and as a citizen. Do you think Shillary Hillary will ever admit her many faults? Will she ever admit to the moral, ethical, and legal wrongs she has committed?

Not a chance in, uh, hell.

If you want to live a fantasy life and idolize Shillary Hillary and think she will ever learn and change, that’s on you. She will never forsake her evil. Her ambition colors everything she does. She’ll keep killing unborn babies, destroying women, killing American jobs, hating men, and forcing you to comply with her social engineering.

I’m with Trump all the way. He’ll learn and change.

And may Shillary Hillary experience the crushing tonight and in the election that she has imposed on so many women!

Is the Media Dishonest?


Is the media dishonest?

Okay. You know the answer already. Can’t say much new. Or can we? In our hope for a better world, or to think more highly of people and their organizations, we want to take them at their word. When their word proves false, it continues to astound us.

Examine how CNN headlined their article about who won the vice-presidential debate. “Pence Edges Kaine in VP Debate Instant Poll”. What was the score? Those polled thought Pence defeated Kaine by 48% to 42%. Other metrics described in the article showed even stronger gains and favorability for Pence, usually in the double digits. And a tweet covered in an article on Breitbart (granted, not exactly an unbiased source) pointed out that CNN has a greater number of Democrat viewers than it does Republican (caveat: though that sounds true, I don’t know that it is).

Yet CNN reports that Pence only “edges” Kaine! Wouldn’t a one percentage point win, maybe a two percentage point win, be an “edging”. How does six percentage points constitute an edging?

When CNN and other media report that Hillary leads Donald in the polls by 48 to 42 percent, or something similar, do they say “edges”? Or do they say Hillary leads Trump decisively in the polls? Or Hillary’s lead over Trump is outside the margin of error? Or do they say Hillary is almost at 50% and Trump can’t get beyond 42%; unless he gets beyond 42%, he’s screwed? Or do they say Hillary’s at 270 electoral votes even though she is NOT because not a single vote has been cast?

Just amazing. And just one of the reasons CNN is known as the Clinton News Network. She doesn’t stumble because she’s infirm; Hillary loses her balance because a current of air slams into her head, catching her by surprise! I’m just mocking. They didn’t actually report that. At least, I don’t think they did.

I read up recently on some of the history of Elizabeth Warren’s claim to be Cherokee and Delaware Indian. The falsehoods reported by lying news writers astounded me. Even The New York Times stated Warren was 1/32 Cherokee and thus met the requirements to be part of that tribe. False! The Boston Globe and other outlets defended her claim by citing bogus evidence that supposedly grounded her claim in genetic investigation. False! The Globe had to print a correction. Ha! Harvard University itself accepted her claim without vetting and touted her unproven Native Americanness.

You can’t prove a negative, so no proof exists that Warren isn’t Cherokee. As genetic testing increases its accuracy, perhaps one day it will prove or at least lend support for her claim of Native American ancestry.

The point isn’t a judgment on Warren, though maybe she should have prosecuted family stories about ancestry less vigorously in public. The point is the media lies. No longer are they a barometer for fact. It’s a free for all now, with every man for himself discovering the ingredients of truth.

It’s wearisome, but we the citizens have to keep peeling away the layers of bullshit the establishment elites and their media lackeys fling at us. Keep on your surgical masks and your gloves!