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The Real Satan: Iran, ISIS, and Other Destructive Perverts


Comes now word that Iran’s “supreme leader” says the United States remains “the Great Satan” and that the political state of Israel won’t be around in 25 years.

Read it for yourself. Here’s one link:   http://time.com/4026234/iran-attacks-u-s-israel/

Here’s another:   http://nypost.com/2015/09/09/irans-supreme-leader-no-talks-with-great-satan-beyond-nuke-deal/

The “supreme leader” is Ayatollah Khamenei, another clown dressed in clothes styled 2,000 years ago.

The real Satan is Khamenei and the perverse, bloodthirsty Iranian leadership, along with their bastards, the members of ISIS. We can throw in their buddies, the atheistic regimes of North Korea and Red China, and the whorish Russian government of Vladimir Pootin.

So much for the religion and the “jihads” of the different Islamic states. They work hand-in-hand with atheists!

I don’t agree with atheists, but I don’t have anything against them. I am not criticizing them. I am criticizing allegedly religious people who believe in God who want to murder other people who believe in God and who are willing to work with people who absolutely deny that God exists to do that! Pretty astonishing, eh?

So, the Iranian “leaders” want to murder all the people who live in Israel. They think predominantly Christian America, the America that is talking about helping the Muslim refugees from Syria while Iran sits on its ass, is “the Great Satan”.

I have a better idea. How about we call the Iranian leadership Satan’s privy council? They want to commit premeditated murder on a massive scale. Their bastards at ISIS do so every day, lopping off people’s heads, raping women of all ages, including underaged girls, and slaying anyone who disagrees with them. The Iranian leadership lies to keep themselves in power. They build nuclear weapons, allegedly for defense, but the only country to attack them in the last 35 or 40 years was… Iraq! And Iraq is another, yep, Muslim nation!

Is there anyone who mistakes the Iranian leadership and their followers for godly men? Anyone?

Here’s how many, if not all, the chapters of the Koran begin, “In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful” or in another translation, “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”.

Let me ask the people who allegedly believe in the Koran whether you think anyone sees compassion when a hateful member of ISIS draws his dagger across a hostage’s throat? Does anyone see or feel mercy when Khamenei declares that Israel won’t be around in 25 years? Does anyone feel grace when an enraged, hate-filled ISIS zombie penetrates brutally a nine-year-old girl’s private parts and steals her innocence from her in the name of God? Does anyone get a sense of God’s mercy when Khamenei calls the U.S. the Great Satan, even though Khamenei sits atop one of the most immoral regimes of all time?

Listen closely: no one mistakes you Mohammedans for holy people. You are just another bunch of sin-filled human beings. And listen to this: if God wanted to execute judgment on the world, He could do it himself. He does not need sinners to brutally rape and murder other sinners, nor does He need one country filled with sinners to bomb another country filled with sinners out of existence.

The only place to wage jihad is in your own souls, where your perverse human cravings are so easily manipulated by the real Satan. He uses those cravings to disfigure you and to lead you to commit more and bloodier sins. You will not escape punishment unless you repent and accept God’s only way for deliverance. None of us will.

It is a sin that you call other believers in God the Great Satan while you sleep with the devil’s own children: Putin, Red China, North Korea, and the atheism and war they spread. Satan is laughing at your hypocrisy and stupidity!

So if one day you actually do what you have been saying you were going to do, wipe Israel off the map, then know you will be responsible for initiating an international nuclear conflict that incinerates your own men, women, and children. When their ghosts point a finger at you and accuse you before the Most High God – “You are the ones who destroyed our lives and the lives of our children and our country and led us astray with your hate and greed!” –   and all the other peoples look at you and point their fingers, too – “You destroyed the innocents, and the world God made, and made yourselves judges of whole peoples when you were just sinful men yourselves!” – then you will know the judgment of God, and you will be dragged away in sobs and whimpering and fear to the abode of your Master, Satan, who will own you and feast on you for the rest of time!