LGBT Members, Rise Up For Trump!


It’s an unfortunate truth that most of us have been hustled or taken advantage of by a slick salesperson with an eroded conscience, whether with a new or used car, or by the hard sell of a timeshare pusher, or the pressure of a boiler room bandit. That is never truer than in politics, a field in which seasoned campaign veterans can employ many devices of deception withdrawn from their vast crypts of cunning.


Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stands out among the best. Even as she blows her brass horn about unifying the country, she divides its constituents into little pieces with her mental constructs: the “poor” and “women” and “black lives matter” and “illegal immigrants (she prefers “undocumented aliens”)” and the “LGBT community”, etc. Clinton claims she “fights” for each and every one of them, but her policies harm them, sometimes in the short run but always in the long run. You cannot “fight” for all those groups without losing something somewhere. Those groups themselves will lose.


Let me give a few examples before I address the main group I want. The poor ultimately aren’t helped by a welfare system, including the Obamacare measure and unemployment benefits, that spends excessive amounts of money the taxpayers don’t have to give. We near $20 trillion in debt. Sooner or later the banks will break. Clinton damages middle class folks the most because they are the ones fighting unemployment yet they are proportionately footing these welfare bills the most even as they continue their own descent into poverty.


A presidential candidate should be standing up for all lives, not just ones of color, especially the lives of our citizens who exercise protection, prevention, and crime-fighting in an official capacity on our behalf. A presidential candidate should execute policies consistent with his or her oath of office to follow the Constitution and the law, not to sanction law-breaking in immigration and residency here. A presidential candidate should stand up for men and women to make sure all receive the same treatment under the law, not that one or the other should receive special advantages. A presidential candidate should not offer lip service to LGBT rights and damn the Second Amendment yet support policies that allow people who hate gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders, not to mention nearly our entire way of life, easy entry into our country so that those people may kill those LGBT citizens.


Why is Hillary Clinton a knot of contradiction that endangers the very lives she claims to want to help. The answer is simple: for her, those groups of people are nothing more than “voting blocs” to get elected. She will scam them with her political rhetoric and Clinton Foundation so she can finally clutch the power and level of enrichment she has been craving for years!


LGBT community, rise up! Hillary will get you killed with her Swiss cheese immigration policies. Her thinking is defective, unconstitutional, and laced with deadly consequences. Hillary worries about a few guns, but she’s not worried about the bloody religion and culture of Islam, and its legion of fanatics contaminated with hate for you. Triggers don’t pull themselves; it is that hate which pulls the triggers She doesn’t want to offend another one of her cherry-picked groups – Muslims – even though so many of them intend to turn you into a 21st century holocaust.


Let’s face it: someone as intoxicated with hate as jihadists like Omar Mateen would have found another way to kill the innocent night clubbers, if he could not have gotten his hands on guns. He could have set fire to the night club, trapping those inside. He could have bombed it, finding ingredients at local stores. He could have serial-killed several, pretending to be gay and picking up individuals, only to get them alone to beat their heads in with a baseball bat.


Hillary’s irrational focus on guns diverts attention from the truth: Muslims think gays are depraved humans who must be eradicated from the face of the planet, along with everyone else who isn’t a Muslim! Read the Koran and its commentaries/interpretative works for yourselves! The moral teaching of the Koran and its interpretative works declare the sexual acts of LGBTers sins; sharia law takes those sins and transmogrifies them into crimes for which the penalty is a painful death, whether by stoning, tossing headlong off a great height, pushing a wall onto them to crush them, or incineration.


Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” Mohammed, or his first hearers, say (and I am paraphrasing here, but it carries the gist): “Execute the queers!” Hillary says she does not want to allow terrorists into the country, but when she supports indiscriminate permission that allows every Muslim into the United States without proper vetting, she is opening wide the gates for LGBT-hating Muslims to walk in, simmer and boil with hatred, then explode with murderous fury!


Trump wants to protect gay lives. He perceives that supporting gay rights remains meaningless if gays are being brutally mass murdered. He wants gays to live in security. He wants gays to be able to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms so the next time a Muslim maniac walks into a gay night club, or any night club for that matter, he’ll be greeted with a hail of bullets that shreds his hateful, sharia, self-righteous ass to pieces!


It is presidential candidate Donald Trump who will stop the fanatics from entering the country until we have a way to find out who’s who. Doesn’t that make sense? Shouldn’t the government fulfill its constitutional mandate to protect its citizens in every way that it can? We can support refugee camps with money, if that’s what the taxpayers want, but we are under no obligation to bring them here. They need to stay the hell over there. And if they don’t like conditions over there, maybe Muslims should take a second look at their religion and their culture and ask why they keep slaughtering one another all the time, mutilating and raping their young girls, and murdering women and children just to make a point!


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